Lawncare and Environmental Maintenance Service

Prentice Glass Ltd. is a glass and glazing company based in the UK. Since our establishment in 1951 we have developed a number of supply and installation services like Land Works by Maple  for both commercial and residential sectors. Due to our expansion and increased use of building, glass, and office resources Prentice Glass Limited takes seriously any issues in relation to the environment; and takes on board a responsibility to ensure that our environmental footprint is kept to a minimum.

In 2009 Prentice Glass was fortunate to receive assistance from Wandsworth Council and the ‘Go Green Plus’ adviser. With their assistance we able to understand how we can reduce our direct impact on the environment through the consumption of energy and other resources used in our daily business activities and an indirect impact through the activities of our drivers, installers and service partners all while providing excellent lawn maintenance.

The assistance from ‘Go Green’ was vital in the development of our Environmental Action Plan, and our continued commitment to reducing the environmental foot print. It was these improvements that honoured us with becoming the runner up in Best Reduction/Recycling Project at the Green Business Awards in 2009.

The points below are considered important to all employers and employees of Prentice Glass Limited like the tree removal and stump grinding to help with the greener areas, these will be implemented wherever possible to reduce pollution, but also prevent pollution by reduction of materials and fuels, re-using of products and materials where possible and the proper and controlled use of recycling.

  • To comply with the requirements of environmental legislation and codes of practice;
  • To assess the impact of operations;
  • To continuously seek to improve environmental performance;
  • To reduce pollution, emissions and waste;
  • To reduce the use of all raw materials, energy and supplies;
  • To raise awareness and encourage and train employees in environmental matters;
  • To expect similar environmental standards from suppliers and contractors;
  • To assist customers to use products and services in an environmental sensitive way;
  • To participate in discussions about environmental issues.

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