Products - Balustrades

The demand for ‘all-glass’ assemblies are increasing with contemporary design. One such assembly is the ‘all-glass’ balustrade. Balustrades are generally used to “protect a change in level” to prevent people from falling. These structures are therefore specifically controlled by BS6180:1999 and approved by ‘Document K’ of the Building Regulations. Every Prentice Glass assembly is tailored in accordance to your specific technical requirements.

BS6262 and approved ‘Document N’ identify critical locations in general terms only, and set the minimum standards of glazing materials acceptable for use in these areas. It is the responsibility of the designer or the specifier to access the risk in any area, taking into account the use of the building and the likely behaviour of the users. For this reason, Prentice Glass has successfully sourced a number of high quality aesthetically pleasing fittings which are designed to offer the highest level safety possible.

As shown in the photos, we can provide complete works with handrail and fixings, or we can simple supply or fit glass into prefabricated works of the client. Although most of our works are residential, we do complete commercial contracts, and in 2008 installed the new curved balustrading at the Guildhall in London.