Double Glazing

Double glazing is now compulsory fitting in any new residential construction such as replacement entry doors. Due to the Industry Standards Prentice Glass has a fully equipped workshop with all necessary machinery – allowing us to create sealed double glazed units to comply with government legislation (Document L).

We can advise on make-up of double glazed windows which will suit any glazing location. Variations may include textured, patterned, coloured, laminated, Commercial Overhead Door Installation or toughened glass.

All new glass constructions require the use of glass types such as Pilkington K-Glass™ St Gobains G-Glass™ to improve the properties energy efficiency. It achieves this with its ‘low emissivity coating’ with materials as Teflon coating which really help with this, creating an ‘Insulating Glass Unit’ (IGU) which allows heat from the sun through and reducing the amount that escapes – thus making it easier and more cost effective to keep buildings warm.

Technological advances:

As glass research continues and technology advances there are many new glass processes that have been developed to improve the thermal efficiency of an IGU and the energy efficiency of a building, home owners can even get residential window tinting now a days, commercial door hardware is a great way to go when putting glass doors in your home. Argon (an inert gas) can be inserted into the cavity of a double glazed unit to increase its UV value, where as a low iron glass will increase the amount of natural light being allowed into a property as to reduce the amount of electricity required to power lighting. All of these recommendations and product types can be discussed with our company to ensure you have the double glazed unit you required.