Fire rated glass

6Prentice Glass will be delighted to supply or give advice on frame makeup or glazing mediums required to meet any of the UK industry fire safety standards. Although we provide an installation service we also supply only a number of fire rated glass types. Stock items include Pyroguard and Pyroshield for which PDF data sheets are attached underneath, perfect products for immediate replacement of damaged glass.

Pyroguard key facts

Pyroshield data sheet

It is an area of building regulations that is becoming more stringent in both commercial and residential properties. When thinking about the need for fire rated glass it makes sense to understand some of the basic terms for ‘Fire safety standards’ listed below;

  • Impact safety standards: Fire glasses and wired glass can no longer be excluded from impact safety requirements, which are clearly set out in Building Regulations 1991. Approved Document N.
  • Framing and glazing systems: It is of utmost importance that all components in a fire resistant glazing system are fire rated and compatible. The whole system would be deemed to fail should any single item within them ignite on the cold face, for more than ten seconds or allow a small gap in a system through which flames or ignitable gasses pass.
  • Integrity: The ability of a specimen of a separating element to contain a fire to specified criteria free from collapse, holes, cracks and fissures and sustained flaming on the unexposed face.
  • Insulation: ‘The ability of a specimen of a separating element to restrict the temperature rise of the unexposed face to below specified levels’