The Glazing Arbitration Scheme

About The Glazing Arbitration Scheme

This Scheme applies to applications for arbitration made to the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) in respect of disputes between ‘traders’ (that is, member companies of the Glass & Glazing Federation (“GGF”) or registered firms of the Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme (“FENSA”) and their customers. Prior to the institution of arbitration proceedings the Parties must attempt to settle the dispute through GGF’s conciliation procedure (if a GGF member company) or through FENSA’s complaint process (if a FENSA registered firm) for at least 40 working days. If the conciliation procedure fails to resolve the dispute the Parties may proceed to arbitration.

TGAS registered traders consists of GGF member companies who sell direct to consumers ( featured on ) and FENSA registered firms who have opted into the scheme.

The Arbitrator provides a fair and impartial judgement for both consumers and traders

Key Benefits

  • A low-cost dispute service for customers of TGAS traders
  • Total impartiality for both installers and consumers
  • No lawyers or face to face meetings required, saving both parties time and money
  • Arbitrators decisions are legally binding on the both parties
  • An efficient process designed to avoid escalating disputes

The Glazing Arbitration Scheme Objectives

  • Maintain and increase confidence for Consumers when dealing with TGAS traders
  • Process all enquiries and complaints in a balanced, fair and impartial manner
  • Offer a high quality, value for money service that is open, transparent and accountable throughout
  • Take into account the law and legal principles
  • Make enforceable awards to consumers and/or traders where appropriate

More information

If you require any further information please visit ‘The Glazing Arbitration Scheme’ website

or download the documents below

Rules of the independent arbitration scheme for the glass and glazing industry