FAQs on Glass Splashbacks

faqs on glass splashbacks in kitchens

Previously, we discussed the benefits of installing glass splashbacks into your home. Especially in kitchens and bathrooms, splashbacks have both functionality and are aesthetically pleasing. So, it’s important that homeowners understand the biggest questions surrounding glass splashbacks. 


Are Glass Splashbacks Hard to Keep Clean?

Splashbacks for your home are incredibly low-maintenance and long-lasting. It’s why they are growing in popularity in both residential and commercial properties. However, when it comes to cleaning them, they require a different approach than the standard tiles.

Grease, oil, and food crumbs may be left behind on glass splashbacks. So, it’s important to use the right products and materials. We recommend using a lint-free cloth, which will not scratch the surface if you have to scrub. Avoid wiping any cleaning chemicals with a paper towel, as this can break away and leave lint residue. For optimum results, make sure to clean the splashback regularly, using alternate cloths with non-abrasive chemicals.


Are Splashbacks Heat Resistant?

Throughout kitchens, there is a large amount of heat is generated. When cooking meals, there’s a chance multiple hobs will be in use. Glass splashbacks are ideal for behind cookers and hobs, as they stop any splashes from damaging the wall. However, are they heat resistant?

Short answer is yes! Glass splashbacks are toughened during the manufacturing process which makes them heat resistant. These are ideal for use behind stoves as they will still protect the cooking areas, but homeowners don’t have to worry about any glass shattering due to high temperatures. Because of this, the splashback will also be scratch and chip-resistant so they have a long life.       

Although heat issues are extremely uncommon, gas hobs in particular need that glass be at least 75mm (3 inches) away from the flame’s edge to prevent the painted or printed splashback backing from burning. Hot pots shouldn’t be left in contact with glass or acrylic splashbacks for too long since the heat will be transferred directly to the glass and could burn the backing.


Can You Cut the Glass to Fit?

We get it. Every kitchen is different and certain areas may have difficult areas to fit glass splashbacks. Although cutting hardened glass at home is possible, we do not advise it. It is advised that you leave it to a professional glass London company. Without the proper expertise, the glass will break when cut too deeply. It is advised that you leave it to a professional glass London company. Without the proper expertise, the glass will break when cut too deeply. 

At Prentice Glass, we provide bespoke glass solutions that are specific to your needs. Every one of our glass products is custom-made to ensure the ideal fit.


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