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“Profilit” Glazing

What is profilit glazing?

Profilit is an alkali cast glass in a U-shape. It is translucent; with or without patterned glass on the outside and can be used interior or for exterior purposes. Here at Prentice, our glass London professionals have a working relationship with local councils and have replaced and installed various Profilit glazing and glass products. These glass services can help improve commercial properties across the capital, as our toughened glass is strengthened during the manufacturing process. Other benefits of Profilit Glazing includes:

  • Resistance to Severe Temperature Changes
  • Better Deflection Properties
  • Less Likely to Break


With over 70 years of experience and one of the oldest glass London companies, we can cater to your specific needs on any project.  

Coming in a wide range of colours and textures, these glass products allow natural light to come in, without a loss of privacy. All while being energy efficient and providing sound reduction. Check out our previous Profilit glazing projects here!

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