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Scratch Removal and Chip Repair

Nothing is worse than glass products with scratches all over. Whether this is caused by children, animals, or basic home issues. It can ruin your view and affect how you feel about your home. 

Scratch glass repair is a great and cost-effective way to keep your glass panel the same, dealing with only a small area. However, sometimes this is not possible. For example, if the damage is too deep or within 20mm of the edge of the glass, chances are a repair is not unattainable. 

The repair would cost more than it would be worth, for the size of the scratch and would mean removing the structural integrity of the glass. Sometimes, replacing the entire panel is the only option.


That’s why our team of glass London professionals can help with replacing glass products with damages. It all depends on your specific requirements and how bad the problem is. 

To find out whether you should remove or repair, consult with our experts today.


Balustrade panels


Curtain walling


Walk on floor panels


Accessible glass roofs


Internal office glass partitions


Windows and doors

Repair or Replace?

Whislt there are alot of repairs that can be done some times the damage is too deep or within 20mm of the edge of the glass meaning that to repair we would remove the structural integrity of the glass and this would leave us the only option to replace

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