Why Should You Get a Glass Conservatory Roof?

glass conservatory roof

Why have a garden if you can’t enjoy it? A conservatory is a great way to remain indoors, surrounded by interior designs and electricity, but still take in your surrounding nature. Specifically a glass conservatory.

There are many benefits to installing a glass conservatory. Well maintained and cleaned roofs can last up to 20 years; letting you have a long-term commitment with your relaxation. A glass conservatory can also improve your home, adding to its value. Continue reading for more helpful tips on why you should get a glass conservatory.


A great way to enhance your living space with natural light is having a glass conservatory as an extension. Having a glass roof gives you not just a beautiful view of the sky, especially in the summer months, it lets in natural light into the area. Natural air can make the space seem airier; creating the illusion that the conservatory is actually larger than it is. Also, the natural light can affect the room adjoining the extension. If connected to a kitchen or living room, the natural light can brighten these spaces and change the overall aesthetic of these rooms.

The view of the sky also is a great feature of a glass roof. Nature is beautiful, ever-changing depending on the seasons. And you can watch this development all year; from the snowfall during winter, to the summer months of birds flying and the sun shining. Well hopefully, it is England after all.

Thermal Efficiency

In the past, conservatories have thought to only be enjoyed through the summer months. They have misconceptions of being cold throughout the rest of the year, yet this is not the case. Glass can maintain the heat, keeping your glass conservatory warm. We recommend choosing your glass carefully in the design stages. Work with professionals who can guide you through glass options so you can fully optimise the conservatory all year round.

We recommend enhancing your glazing options. Using double glazed or UPVC windows not only reduces noise pollution, but also has higher levels of insulation. It allows you to sit back and relax, no matter the weather outside. For more information, click here.

What are the Different Types of Glass Roof Styles?

Primarily, there are three different types of conservatory roof styles. A Lean-to is exactly what it says; it leans from your brick house, sloping down. The cheapest of the options and the easiest to install, the diagonal stops any water from pooling on top, making it very simple to maintain. It is a minimalist design, but for those who want to enjoy their garden at an affordable cost, this will be your choice.

A Victorian or Edwardian design makes the conservatory appear to be more of a room of its own, rather than an extension. Using a glass roof also expands your view of the sky and as previously mentioned, insulates your space. There are also many ways you can further the designs, adding similar victorian doors and changing the aesthetic. Whatever your preference, remember to work with a professional glass company to make sure it is manageable and is the best choice to optimise your space.

Our Services

Here at Prentice Glass, we provide a range of glass structures, including bespoke and custom conservatories. We work with our customers to find out what specifically they need in their extensions. Whether this is in timber, UPVC or aluminium, we will cater our designs to form a new unique living space. No two conservatories are the same! Check out our service page for windows, doors and conservatories for more information.

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