What Different Types of Mirrored Glass Can You Have in Your Home?

different types of mirrored glass

For practical use and for when you’re feeling just a little vain, mirrors are featured throughout homes in stylistic ways. Not just a standard freestanding, mirrored glass can come in a variety of contemporary designs that adds sophistication and appealing factors to an aesthetic.

So, what are the different types of mirrored glass can you get? Find out more from a professional glass installation company.

Silvered Mirror

One popular form of mirrored glass is silvered mirrors. These are made with tempered glass that is brushed on a conveyor belt during the manufacturing process. The chemical process by which the reflective glass is generated is known as “silvering”.

Aluminium oxide, not silver, is cooled and vacuum-sealed onto a sheet of glass, coating the rear surface and creating the desired mirror appearance.

Tinted Mirror

As the name suggests, tinted mirrors have a coloured tint in their glass. They have been purposely manufactured, so tinted mirrored glass may appear slightly darker than a standard silvered mirror.

Some of the tinted mirrors are textured as well. The texture is a design feature that distinguishes the surfaces of shapes and forms. By introducing tinted mirrors into a place’s design, they can serve as an accent or a visual texture that adds interest and makes the space feel more intriguing and exciting.

If you need to create a focal point for a room or add a little of drama, tinted mirrors might be a practical alternative to artwork. Its reflected quality helps to provide the illusion of extending tiny areas, in addition to being low maintenance.

One-Way Mirror

Though the idea of a “one-way” mirror reminds you of your favourite detective shows, there are practical uses for them within domestic and commercial buildings. In contrast to conventional glass, which is transparent on both sides, one-way glass is transparent on one side and reflected on the other. On one of the glass surfaces, a thin, virtually transparent metallic coating is placed. In comparison to the small quantity of light that it reflects, this allows more light to pass through the coated surface.

However, one side of the mirror requires twice the quantity of light that the other side receives in order to perform efficiently. The darkened side can see through the brilliantly lit side, but not the other way around. For those on the bright side of the glass, it appears to be just like any other mirror glass, while for those on the darker side, it appears to be just like any other mirrored glass.

Antique Mirror

Antique mirrors are a terrific alternative for creating an old-fashioned yet stylish aesthetic for home decor ideas. The tints and coatings on these mirrors give you that look. Choose between a concave mirror that curves inside for more visible reflections or a concave mirror that curves outward.

Convex mirrors, on the other hand, do the exact opposite and are great for locations such as garages where you need to view approaching vehicles around corners.
For further durability, laminated mirrors with clear glass or safety-backed mirrors are available. Consider two-way mirrors (transparent) and pyrolytic mirrors for shower doors or other areas where moisture might be an issue.

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