What Are Balustrades?

what are balustrades
How can you make your home more extravagant? A home should be a place you feel most comfortable, but this does not mean you can’t go all out with your designs. And that’s where glass structures can come in. But, what are balustrades? Though the term may not be recognisable, chances are you have encountered more of these than you’d think. Typically, they offer both design and safety to any structure. Either glass balustrades or more modern balustrades; it depends on how they are implemented and the intended effect.

Not just to support balconies anymore, they can add sophistication to any space that has a stair system. Check out our guide on the basic balustrade and how they can change your aesthetic.

What Are Balustrades?

A simple balustrade has two main purposes: for safety reasons and to add a contemporary design to domestic and even commercial buildings. Balustrades protect people from falling, adding a level of shielding. Usually found on stairs, terraces or balconies, balustrades commonly were supported by small columns called balusters. Yet, this is not the case anymore. Glass balustrades are becoming more trendy and aesthetically pleasing for any space. If you are interested in glass balustrades, or for further information, click here.

When choosing glass balustrades, it is important to check the density, strength of the material and resistance. Your balustrade can be made of clear, toughened or tinted glass; work with a glazing company to find the perfect material for you and the feel you want for your home.

What Are the Benefits?

There are many benefits to including a glass balustrade panel, whether this is framed or frameless. Having an all-glass assembly increases the contemporary feel you might want for your home. They not only enhance the level of ambient light in a room but, can create a feeling of spaciousness and make the space more modern, even in classic architecture.
As aforementioned, balustrades can act as a level of defence in any type of building.

Specifically, for homes with families, a balustrade can protect groups such as young children and pets, known for running around the house. You shouldn’t have to limit where they can roam. Installing a balustrade means you can safely let them play, knowing this level of protection is in place. And this is just for interior uses.

Balustrades also can improve outdoor spaces, including patios and pool areas. Work with a professional glass company to find ways how you can decorate your glass balustrades. Using LED lighting systems can both highlight the space and the particular glass structure.

Glass also is either to maintain, unlike other materials such as wood. A simple spray and wipe can remove any potential smudges and keep the glass balustrade panel sparkling all year round. This will also add to the natural light that is added to the interiors. In addition, reinforced glass is a strong substance that is hard to scratch, dent or alter in any way; making it one of the more durable options.

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