What Should You Know About Roof Glazing?

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Are you considering roof glazing in your home? Or, is your business want the optimise the use of their space and improve their overall look? Firstly, it’s important to consider multiple factors before hiring a professional glass London company to fit these panels.

What Type of Glass Roofing Panels?

So, what type of roof glazing should you utilise? Although you may think that it is just one type of glass, this is not true. At Prentice, we stock a variety of different glass products that have various benefits. 


For commercial buildings, toughened glass may be the ideal choice. Especially in businesses, such as retail and offices, safety should always be the main concern. Not just for the employees, guests and customers inside, but also for the items inside after the working day is over. This type of glass is physically toughened during the manufacturing process, allowing a strengthened and more durable material. Once installed, these toughened glass roof panels will protect all that it’s inside, whilst also weather resistant and break-resistant. 


Laminated glazing is employed as a safety measure, much like toughened glass, but it notably comprises numerous layers of glazing sandwiched around a PVB film. Glass would stick together and remain intact if the pane were to break as opposed to breaking. This could imply that no glass fragments would fall into the area below in the unlikely event that a roof was to break. This is ideal for a residential property, where if the glass was to break, would not cause a safety hazard below. 

The Benefits of Roof Glazing

Roof glazing has a variety of benefits for both residential and commercial properties. It is why they have been utilised in buildings across the country. 

Energy Efficiency 

Roof glazing is ideal for maintaining heat within the home and not letting any escape during the winter months. The increased insulation will result in less need for you to switch on your heating during the chillier months of the year. Over time, it has been demonstrated that a glass roof or sunshine can help you save money on your household expenses. 


Not only the heat, but the increase in natural light will also allow homeowners to save on electricity, due to not having to turn as many lights on. This can result in significant savings over time for larger homes, which frequently have high winter expenses.

Natural Light Increase

Natural light is important on a daily basis. Not only does this make your interiors look more appealing, but it also can boost your own mood and benefit both your physical and psychological health.


One way to ensure natural light enters your property is by incorporating glass roofs within the building. This helps the light flood interior spaces by giving them easy access with panels directly above.

Improve the Value of Property

Many homeowners want their property to someday generate additional income for them, especially if they are wanting to sell in the future. However, they shouldn’t simply hold out hoping for the market value to increase naturally. This is why many homeowners add new features to their property to increase efficiency and make them more visually appealing. 


Consider roof glazing. These glass roofing panels are unique and attractive features that can improve the value of the overall property.


What about lighting? These features can help highlight spaces and improve their appearance overall. Typically, flat roof lights are utilised in single-story home expansions and/or garden rooms. This straightforward yet sophisticated system achieves high levels of thermal performance by using a double-glazed unit with an argon gas cavity.


For projects that simply want to let more natural light enter the interior living space, this type of roof glazing system works effectively. An automated venting roofing system can be a better choice if the system is installed above a kitchen because it enables improved airflow into and out of the internal space.

Prentice Glass 

Prentice Glass is one of the oldest glass London companies still operating in and around the capital. Our team of glaziers have created bespoke glass designs for both residential and commercial properties, including roof glazing. 


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