When is Safety Glass a Legal Requirement?

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What is Safety Glass?

This material does exactly what it says on the tin. Safety glass protects your building, making it less prone to break on impact and securing its inhabitants. This category also includes any glass that is specifically designed to be fire-resistant and extra strengthening. Security glazing is an important asset to many commercial buildings, especially if the contents are of high value. Ranging from bullet-resistant or blast-resistant glass, it is important to understand when safety glass is required and why it should be considered for all buildings.

Prentice Glass is a family-run glazing company that offers a range of services. We understand the proper regulations and how to implement these throughout production. We recommend the use of safety glazing in buildings, as there are many benefits to both residential and commercial buildings. However, it is important to understand when and where you need to have this vital feature.

Safety Glass Regulations

It is a legal requirement to have safety glass fitted within certain areas of residential buildings, throughout the UK. These areas are known as “critical locations” which include: doors, side panels to doors and specific windows. For doors, any glazing that is between the finished floor level and a height of 150 cm, needs to have safety glass installed. This is the same for side panels that are within 30 cm of either door edge and windows or partitions that have glazing between the floor level and a height of 80 cm.

Also, safety glass should be required in other areas of domestic and commercial buildings. For example, in bathroom areas where there is a chance of slipping and as protective barriers on stairways and landings. Balustrades are a great feature for any home, but it is important to make sure they are strong enough to handle any impact so they are less likely to smash. For more information on this feature, click here.

Different types of glass can be used within critical locations. Toughened Safety Glass, or “Tempered Glass”, looks the same as regular glass, however, it has a heat treatment beforehand to toughen it, making it much stronger and less likely to break. This is ideal for those who don’t want their windows to stand out and appear to be normal.

What are the Benefits of Resistant Glass?

There are many benefits to the use of safety glass or fire-resistant glass in all buildings. As most are treated with heat, safety glass can withstand high temperatures. This is key in case of emergencies, as it gives people time to evacuate without risk. It also means that while withstanding the heat, the glass will not shatter into pieces, potentially hurting occupants with shards. It can be classed as a form of “passive fire protection”, as just being there adds a level of fire safety to the building.

Also, for both residential and commercial buildings, safety glass adds a level of protection from vandalism or theft. Safety glass is designed to be hard to break, therefore it can stop potential burglarers from entering the premises. For commercial buildings that have high-value items, this helps to protect these assets after closing time and gives staff members peace of mind as they leave.

With new designs and styles, safety glass can easily be incorporated into any decor, without standing out and ruining the aesthetic. It won’t look out of place, with many types of safety glass looking the same as regular panels.

Our Services

Here at Prentice Glass, we offer a range of services that provide bespoke and tailored glass designs for commercial and residential projects. We are there every step of the way; from initial concepts to the final installation, we will work with you to make sure that you are satisfied with the overall outcome. Hiring a glazing company allows you to sit back and relax, letting a professional take over and correctly install any features. We understand and consider all safety glass requirements, making sure our work is certified and passes any assessments.


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