Why Should Your Workplace Consider Commercial Glazing?

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Commercial glazing can refer to a variety of properties and businesses. Certain industries need to take special measures with their glass and glazing and it’s why many turn to glazing companies nearby. Find out more about commercial glazing here and the benefits it can offer various workplaces. 

What is Commercial Glazing?

Any glazing system that is placed in a commercial building is referred to as commercial glazing. Since it typically has a greater scope than residential glazing, it is subject to several rules and performance criteria. Multi-story apartments are one instance; despite being residential in terms of occupancy, their size and structure are frequently commercial.

Commercial glass frequently forms a part of a curtain walling system that encloses the internal structure of the building. Commercial glazing is a speciality item that must always be placed by a professional in the field. 

Weather Resistant

Buildings that are constructed higher up are more vulnerable to greater weather patterns as they rise vertically. High-rise commercial glazing needs to be resistant to water infiltration, strong winds, temperature changes, and building sway. They go through extensive testing to get the required protection. They also have sturdy aluminium frames, which are more structurally sound, lightweight, flexible, and frequent in home installations than uPVC or wood.

At Prentice, our team of glass London specialists are qualified and experienced with high-level glazing. We ensure that relevant roads are closed, all work permits are complete and that the resources we use all meet industry standards. Find out more about high-level commercial glazing here. 

Save Money on Energy Bills

The insulation around doors and windows in an office is typically the weakest. Unbelievably, single-glazed windows frequently let out 50–70% of the heat produced within. This results in significant energy waste and high utility costs during the chilly winter months. But it doesn’t have to be this way with commercial glazing. By trapping air between two panes of glass, double-glazed windows stop heat from escaping the workplace.

As a result, there is less demand for the heating system, which might result in a 12% reduction in costs. In other words, once the unit is sealed, nothing can enter and nothing is permitted to leave. 

Brighter Surroundings

Especially in offices, one of the most common problems in workplaces is inadequate lighting. Where the majority of workers may feel captive in their cubicles. This issue typically occurs when it is difficult to let in the fresh air and natural life from the outside. And consequently, this can affect employees’ overall productivity. 

Commercial glazing can include ensuring that double-glazed windows are utilised through areas that otherwise are in darkness. 

Security Glass

Particularly in London, there is a wide range of businesses on the high street that have valuable items and products inside at all times. Industries such as fashion, jewellery and art may be more susceptible to vandalism and theft. That’s why commercial glazing can help protect these businesses from would-be criminals and ensure a level of security has been implemented.

Glass products such as double-glazed tempered or toughened glass are best for these glass shopfronts as they are designed to be more durable than the standard material. 

This measure will shield a business from potentially dangerous exterior elements, such as torrential rain and heavy snowfall, in addition to preventing antisocial behaviour like break-ins and theft. For more information on security commercial glazing, click here. 

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