Why Should You Consider Timber Alternative Windows?

The Residence Collection timber alternative windows

There is no disputing that wood doors and windows give your house a genuine sense of warmth and charm, making them one of the most popular choices for homes with classic architecture. They are the most expensive, though. It’s crucial to pick the proper material whether you’re adding a conservatory or orangery, replacing your home’s current windows and doors, or both. Even though custom wood doors, windows, and conservatories remain ranked among our top sales and have a very opulent appearance, many of our customers are now choosing timber alternative doors and windows.


At Prentice Glass, we have recently partnered with The Residence Collection and now supply their timber alternative window frames. Their Residence 9 collection is a window and door system created to faithfully imitate timber styles from the 19th century. This classic appearance is created by the typical exquisite flush exterior and sophisticated ornamental interior. Keep reading to find out the benefits of switching to wood-alternative windows! 

The Advantages of Timber Alternative Windows 

Modern manufacturing techniques have made it possible to produce wood alternative windows and doors in a variety of colours and textures that are nearly identical to those of real wood windows. Timber alternative windows are extremely low maintenance and never require painting, varnishing, or staining. They are also built to last. Simply give them a periodic wipe-down with warm water and a few drops of mild detergent will keep them looking nice. Our selection is available in a variety of materials, including real wood and regular uPVC, each with unique benefits:


Aluminium Windows

Aluminium is currently a popular material among architects, a far cry from the old, ineffective aluminium windows. Aluminium is ideal for producing huge glass panels that let in a lot of light because of its strength and lightweight. Modern aluminium windows have a thermal break that practically matches the energy efficiency of wood or UPVC, and the powder-coated finish is available in a variety of colours to match any type of design and lasts the lifespan of the frame.


Timber Alternative Windows 

High-quality timber alternative doors and windows have all the aesthetic charm of wood windows without any drawbacks. They are a very ecological solution because they are incredibly energy-efficient, retain heat in your house, and are fully recyclable. They require far less care than wood or traditional UPVC frames and have the look and feel of real wood. They have a very authentic appearance since they are built using the same joinery techniques as real wood windows and doors. Any architectural style can be matched with timber substitute window and door frames, which are typically permitted for use in conservation areas by the planning authorities.

Why Choose Prentice Glass 

For residential and commercial structures, Prentice Glass provides a variety of double-glazing services. We are a family-run company that places a strong emphasis on providing excellent customer service for all of our projects. We are aware of the numerous advantages that come with installing double-glazed windows and doors. Work with a reputable double glazing business like Prentice to guarantee proper installation and the availability of the necessary supplies.


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