Are Glass Balustrades Safe?

are glass balustrades safe

Despite being a popular concept in contemporary design, some people still are unsure of implementing glass balustrades in their homes or businesses. Though technology has come a long way, some still think that glass is fragile and easy to break. Yet, this is not true.

So, what about glass balustrades? Are they safe? Find out all you will need to know from a professional glazing company.


What Are Glass Balustrades?

Glass balustrades are panels that serve as a barrier or fence; occasionally supported by posts (balusters). They’re common on balconies, stairwells, terraces, and decking areas.

They can be formed of a variety of materials, including wood, chrome, and stainless steel. However, the majority of homeowners are increasingly opting for glass balustrades, particularly frameless glass balustrades. While their primary use is usually as a safety barrier, glass balustrades are increasingly being used both indoors and outdoors to add refinement and a contemporary aesthetic.


Is Balustrade Glass Safe?

The short answer is, yes. Glass can now be made that is both sturdy and safe thanks to modern technologies. Glass balustrades made of thick, tempered glass rarely breaks. This is because these sturdy balustrades are typically as strong as steel; it takes a lot of structural strain to shatter them. 

Even if the tempered glass breaks, the shards of glass are not sharp, making glass an excellent choice for any environment, including homes with children.

Glass Balustrades and Safety Glass

Glass balustrades in the United Kingdom must be made of safety glass, according to the law. There are two types of safety glass that can be used:

  • Toughened (or tempered glass)
  • Laminated glass

Toughened glass is glass types that have been tempered. This is done by heating the glass to roughly 700°C and then fast cooling it — a process known as quenching. The process of quenching forms a hard coating on both sides of the glass and locks stress inside the core. Tempered glass is approximately four times stronger than standard float glass due to this simple technique; meaning that glass balustrades that are made of this material, are completely safe. 

Toughened glass does not shatter into big shards if it does break. Instead, it shatters into smaller, less harmful fragments that are easier to remove.

On the other hand, laminated glass is created by sandwiching a layer of plastic between two toughened glass panels. The membrane acts as a ‘safety net,’ protecting the second glass panel from breaking if one of the panels breaks under impact.

Find out more about glass types here at Prentice.


The Thickness of Glass Balustrades

It’s not just about the type of glass you use. The thickness of the glass might also make a difference. This is due to the fact that different environments and usage necessitate varied loading requirements for the entire glass and balustrade system. More information on the loads on glass balustrades can be found here.

Here at Prentice Glass, all our glass balustrades are specifically tailored and designed to meet your technical specifications. Including the thickness of the glass pane. We have constantly sourced a number of high-quality balustrade fittings for all our clients; both commercial and residential. Find out more about our balustrade glass services here.


Prentice Glass

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