How Can Glass Screens Improve Working Life?

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Throughout lockdown and in the midst of the pandemic, many businesses had to close down either temporarily or permanently. This massive loss hit our economy, with some still feeling the repercussions today. But, as always, humanity had to adapt to the changing times and businesses began to open their doors once more. Albeit, with new circumstances. Glass screens and partitions became the norm; allowing customer service to occur again whilst still adhering to COVID guidelines.

And although restrictions have now ceased, some businesses have still included glass screens in their working life. But, what are the benefits? Find out here.



Because glass is an extremely robust material, you won’t have to worry about replacing it. Glass screens last a long term and are very easy to maintain. They are also timeless; so you won’t have to change them as often to keep your office up to date.

Also, since you are allowing natural light into the building, this will save money on energy bills. The light can easily warm an office, especially if the sun is shining directly on the glass screens.


Aesthetically Pleasing

Glass screens and partitions are becoming more common in newly constructed and restored offices; due to their contemporary appearance. Let’s face it, everyone wants their workplace to appear current and modern. It’s a potential client or partner’s first impression of the organisation, and it’s this first impression that can make or break a contract. People do judge a book by its cover, even if we don’t like to acknowledge it. So, if your workspace looks professional and modern, it can only be a good thing.



Glass screens have the advantage of being a straightforward alternative for an office renovation. They are quick to assemble and remove; not requiring any structural adjustments. This is ideal if you plan on expanding in the future, as they can be simply dismantled and relocated with no interruption. It’s a great budget-friendly option because you won’t have to pay for builders to come in and put up stud walls.

Also, due to the various glass materials, quality glass screens can also offer privacy in smaller offices. Though small businesses may not have the most room, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t utilise the space. By having a room with frosted or textured glass, you are still incorporating a stylistic approach and the ability to allow natural light to come in, whilst protecting potentially sensitive information.

Tempered glass can also help reduce sound transmission, adding to the level of privacy. Find out all about the different types of quality glass screens here.


Optimising Light

Poor lighting is one of the most significant drawbacks of working in an office. It’s easy to feel walled in, especially if you have your own little cubicle. Knowing that there is sunshine and fresh air outside but being unable to see it can have a negative impact on not just the mood of everyone in the workplace, but also the productivity of the workforce. All of which are critical considerations that must not be overlooked or compromised. That’s where quality glass screens and partitions come in.

Glass screens are ideal in this scenario. Even if the weather is poor, allowing natural light boosts mood and encourages employees to make the most of their time at work.


Our Quality Glass Screens

Prentice Glass offer a wide range of glazing services for domestic and commercial buildings, including the installation of high-quality glass screens. We are a family-run business that focuses on delivering high-quality customer service on all our projects. Work with a professional double glazing company like Prentice; ensuring installation is correct and that you have the right materials. Find out more about our glass screens here.

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