How Energy Efficient Are Glass Conservatories?

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At Prentice, we have previously talked about how the right glazing can help homes during the energy crisis. But, what about glass conservatories? It is important that homeowners understand how to fully optimise their space, especially with the cost of living constantly on the rise. Find out more about your conservatory glass and how to ensure your extension is energy efficient.

How Much Energy Are You Using?

Although energy-efficient glass conservatories are a great solution for saving money on heating bills, what about the rest of the home? So, even though your conservatory is conserving heat, this means nothing if the rest of your home is like Blackpool Illuminations. 

As the energy crisis continues to become an issue, it’s important that everything is done to lower these costs. Make sure there are no lights on when not needed and that appliances are switched off when not in use. In addition, ensure there is efficient double glazing throughout the home and that there are no damages to window seals that are letting any heat escape. 

“Buffer Zone”

Glass conservatories are a great way to establish a “buffer zone”, in which there is a barrier between indoor and outdoor living spaces. This is a great way to help homes consume less energy altogether. 

During the colder months, the glass conservatory will become warmed thanks to any heat loss via your home’s walls. Also, through these chilly days, when the doors between your home and the conservatory are opened, the heat trapped can also be used to re-heat the main property. This natural heat acts as a buffer and helps homeowners conserve energy and become more environmentally conscious.  

Which Conservatory Glass?

When choosing glass conservatories, make sure your installers are utilising the most energy-efficient glass products. Though there are other materials, glass is ideal for conservatories as it is a great way to enhance all-natural light and give the impression the extension is larger and brighter. 

Window Energy Ratings offer a straightforward way to comprehend a window’s ability to save energy. Glass U-Values evaluate how quickly heat is lost through various glass products. Your glass will be more energy-efficient with a lower U-Value. At Prentice, all our glass conservatories are A energy rated. 

How to Improve Thermal Efficiency

When it comes to glass conservatories, their energy efficiency can come in varying degrees depending on certain factors. So, it’s important to find reputable and reliable conservatory installers near you that are third-party accredited and will perform installations to the highest standards in the industry. 

Other ways to improve energy efficiency include ensuring there are external double-glazed doors between the home and conservatory of high quality. These will provide an additional level of thermal performance, whilst securing the property from would-be thieves. Also, consider solar control layers that can manage the level of glare and energy transferred by the sun through the conservatory glass.

Double Glazing 

The benefits of energy-efficient double glazing for your conservatory will last for at least 20 years, giving you plenty of time to use it. UPVC is a fantastic material choice for the frames of each window in your conservatory because it is so strong and durable.

The UPVC frames are a lovely addition to your home thanks to their robustness, which also makes them incredibly secure and aesthetically pleasant. They are a great option in glass conservatories, as they are simple to maintain and keep clean. 

Conservatory Installers Near Me

Prentice is one of the oldest glass London companies still operating in and around the capital. Our team of glaziers have created bespoke glass designs for both residential and commercial properties. We want to ensure all our customers are getting the most out of our glass products and that our efficient glazing helps lower any bills as we head into the colder months, especially within glass conservatories. Find out more about energy efficiency this winter on our previous blog here.

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