How Efficient Glazing Can Help the Energy Crisis This Winter

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So, we blinked and now it’s Autumn. After record-breaking temperatures, it feels like the sun has said goodbye, whilst cloudy days and wind says hello. Every year at Prentice, our glass London company, we design and install custom doubled-glazed windows and doors throughout the city. We understand how important efficient glazing is for residential homes, especially with the costs of living always on the rise. 

So, let’s break down the importance that efficient glazing can have in homes, how this can lower bills and what our glass London glazing company is doing to help.

What is the Current Energy Crisis?

In the UK, the energy crisis has made an impact on households of varying incomes worse than in any other country in western Europe. With the UK supporting Ukraine amidst the Russian war, this has affected the gas prices and in tow, the UK’s reliance on gas to heat homes

The energy market has continued to increase over the past couple of years. In January 2021, the average natural gas was around 50p a therm, whereas by December 2021, this rose to around £4.50. The energy regulator for the UK, Ofgem, as a result, raised the energy price cap and increased how much suppliers can charge homeowners for gas and electricity. This is set to rise again in October 2022 by around 32%.

What Can Prentice Glass London Do?

Single-glazed buildings are inherently inefficient when it comes to energy use. They are unable to retain cool air throughout the summer and a significant volume of warm is lost during the colder months. With the energy crisis set to rise, even with the protests of not paying their electricity and energy bills, inadequate windows and doors result in many homes having to turn their heating on and costing a high amount. 

Homeowners may find that the cost of living is becoming too much, especially with inflation affecting other expenses such as a weekly shop for necessities. So, in what way can a glass London company help? 

Do My Windows Need Replacing?

When it comes to windows and doors, it is important to ensure that there are no gaps within the frames and are correctly sealed. Without proper installation, this also can let out heat during the winter months and in so, cost homeowners valuable money on energy bills. The ongoing energy crisis means that it is now more than ever necessary to find energy-efficient solutions and to make sure homes remain heated without large bills.

With new building regulations, it is important to ensure that any new or replacement windows are at least rated C. At Prentice, all our double-glazed glass products are A energy rated. If you are unsure of your windows, it might be time for replacement double-glazed units. For more information, click here.

Double Glazing Windows and Doors

With double glazing, homes can improve their energy efficiency and how much heat is retained in the winter. This can help save money by ceasing heat from leaving the home as quickly and help lower the costs of energy bills. Keeping a heating system on during the day can result in high expenses, especially with the energy crisis on the rise. However, by having the right windows, there isn’t as big of a need for these, meaning that radiators and space heaters may only be needed for a couple of hours. Find out more about the benefits of double-glazed windows here on our previous blog. 

At our Glass London company, we have teamed up with an industry-recognised finance company. Based in South London, we want to ensure our London homes are as energy efficient as possible as winter approaches. That is why we now can offer “buy now” fixed term payments for our double-glazed windows and doors and other home improvements. 

Prentice Glass- Our Glass London Company

Prentice Glass has been in the glass London game for over 70 years. Our team of glaziers have created bespoke glass designs for both residential and commercial properties. We want to ensure all our customers are getting the most out of our glass products and that our efficient glazing helps lower any bills as we head into the colder months. 

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