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Glass Filming & Window Filming

In the past, our team of glass London specialists have traditioning incorporated glass filming for manifestation and bomb blast purposes. Our commercial glazing is designed and installed to the highest standards in the industry and meets all glazing criteria.  

However, now times are changing and with our affiliation with The Glass and Glazing Federation, here at Prentice Glass, we have begun to widen our glass filming services. We have glass filming that helps with: security and protection, environmental control and decoration and privacy. This includes everything from safety and security films to decorative privacy window films. 

Here at Prentice Glass, our team of glaziers in London offer nationwide surveys; supplying and installing high-performance window filming and glass containment systems. There are many benefits to the inclusion of window filming throughout residential and commercial buildings, including saving energy costs and added privacy. Find out more about the benefits of window filming here.


Security and Protection

  • Safety & Security Films
  • Bomb Blast Mitigation Films
  • Overhead Glazing Systems
  • Glass Containment System
  • Anti Graffiti Films
  • Glass Manifestations

Environmental Control

  • Solar Control Films
  • Daylight Redirection Films
  • Insulation / Thermal Window Films
  • 3M Dichroic – Colour Change Films

Decorative and Privacy

  • Privacy, View Control & Lumisty Films
  • Decorative Privacy Window Films
  • Casper Cloaking Film
  • 3M Fasara Decorative Glass Finishes
  • Logos & Branding
  • Digitally Printed Films

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