What Are the Benefits of Window Filming?

benefits of window filming
Window film is a thin, multi-layered material made of polyester and sprayed with reflective coatings that helps homeowners and business owners save energy by upgrading existing windows. Window filming or glass filming comes in a variety of grades and finishes, all of which are designed to be simple to install, long-lasting, high-performing, and beautiful.

A simple coating of window film can suddenly transform your house into a more comfortable setting. Here are just a few of the advantages you could be getting from window filming.


Glass filming can include adding levels of privacy in domestic and commercial buildings, which is sometimes necessary. For example, frosted film is widely popular, as it does not obstruct the natural light from flooding into a room. Instead, the film blocks the view from both sides; adding a stylish element to any room, whilst maintaining privacy.
These are typically found in bathrooms or shower screens, as they are functional and can be aesthetically pleasing.

Environmental Control

The sun’s rays can be extremely dangerous to both humans and the interiors of a home. Similar to burnt skin if not properly protected, the UV rays can shine through windows and affect furnishings by making them fade.

Instead, a glazing company can install glass filming which will control these elements; for example, using UV fade reduction film. Glass filming will help slow down this process and reduce the level of harmful UV rays.

Also, window filming, depending on your need, can help control the temperature in your home. Solar control films help maintain an enjoyable temperature inside any room, without the need to let in a draft or remove natural light.

Solar control film is immediately effective once installed, creating a mirrored effect on the glass’s external face during daylight hours. This reflective look reflects a portion of the sun’s energy, preventing it from passing through the glass and increasing the internal warmth. Ideal for conservatories or rooms that face the sun.

Saving Energy Costs

But, what about in the winter months? There are only so many layers you can put on, before deciding the only option is your heater. Yet, this can be costly. Especially with British weather.

Instead, why not consider insulation or thermal window films? This way, you can maintain the much-needed heat, ensuring it does not escape the room. It reduces your energy bills, overall costs and stops any cold air from entering.

Security and Protection

Now for commercial buildings. When leaving a shop or commercial property overnight, you want to ensure it is fully protected from vandalism. For this, there are many window filming materials that can be implemented.

For example, anti-graffiti films will ensure that if the glass is defaced, it has not permanently damaged the material. Instead, the paint can easily be cleaned off the film. This is the same for overall protection, as glass film helps prevent burglarers from breaking the glass and entering the property.

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