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Glass Screens and Partitions

Our glass screens and partitions are ideal for making those still feel comfortable as we move into society with fewer restrictions. As offices are returning to a “new normal”, these glass screens have become part of normal life, with many glass screens and partitions still being used within offices and other commercial buildings. 

At Prentice, our team of glass London specialists understand how the pandemic affected businesses all over the UK. Now, we are here to help those struggling to get back to work and resume production. Our glass products are a great method for dividing a space, whilst maximising the level of natural light.


Why Use Glass Screens:

  • Various types of glass products
  • Added privacy
  • More light
  • COVID-19 precautions


But, why lose style with these safety precautions? All our glass products are specifically designed to meet your requirements. Our glass screens not only will provide workplaces to return back to offices but will also offer a stylistic and modern look to the environment. All while adding extra light through the office, which will help cut down on energy costs. 

Read more about our glass screens and how they can improve working life on our blog here.

Glass screens and partitions

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