Why Should You Consider Glass Staircase Panels?

glass staircase panels

Whether it’s a residential or commercial building, there is a wide range of benefits for the installation of glass staircase panels. In commercial buildings, they can add a professional and modern aesthetic, whilst ensuring safety for guests, customers and employees. These glass staircases let in natural light, whilst creating a bright and open environment throughout the different levels. In homes, they can vamp up your interior style and help you stand out against other homes.

But, what factors should you be aware of if you are considered glass staircase panels? Find out more here. 


How Safe Are Glass Staircases?

Although glass is considered a “fragile” and easy to shatter material, this is far from the truth. Glass staircase panels are frequently considered amongst the safest options for your home. Glass is a very durable and long-lasting substance that does not deteriorate over time. So, they are long-term investments for your interiors. 

Glass won’t rot or corrode, unlike other materials; it will last the entirety of its life and continue to offer both practical and aesthetic uses. Additionally, glass staircase panels are very impact resistant and won’t sustain any significant structural harm.

Also, in homes with small pets or children, the glass staircase panels are also made with spaces that are too small for eager little limbs to fall through, unlike wooden or metal railings. While safety is improved, no cosmetic aspects are sacrificed in the process.


Glass Stair Treads

Glass stair treads have sleek designs and eye-catching qualities that are as stunning as they are strong. Numerous designs and textures are available for anti-slip treads, and our exclusive Prentice Glass London techniques guarantee strength and safety.

 Glass stair treads are the newest architectural superstars in contemporary homes and the most notable developments in hospitality design. For a truly stunning look, pair glass stair treads with Prentice glass staircase panels and treads.


Custom Glass Staircase Designs

Environments with a lot of traffic require considerable durability, significant slip resistance, and undeniable strength. All of these criteria are satisfied by the tempered-laminated custom glass stair treads from Prentice Glass.

Our glass staircase panels come in a variety of slip-resistant designs, and traction control frit may be digitally applied to each tread to stop potentially harmful slips and falls. In order to enhance strength and forceful resistance to weight and pressure, these glass stairs are also made with at least three layers of toughened glass. Work with our team of glass London specialists today to find bespoke glass designs that are suitable for all types of buildings, including residential and commercial properties.


Glass Staircase Balustrades

Glass staircase balustrades provide a seamless link that improves your view from all directions. In today’s staircase designs, frameless glass balustrading offers a sleek, basic, contemporary appearance that is gaining popularity.

Due to the structural or laminated glass used in its construction, the glass balustrade’s thickness is maintained to a minimum. In order to strengthen the strength of the glass balustrade and meet all relevant building rules, two or three sheets of glass are laminated together to form a robust, long-lasting substance. Find out more about what are balustrades here. 


Prentice Glass

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