How Glass Canopies Benefit Your Business

glass canopies benefits business

At Prentice, we provide a variety of glass elements and glass products for our customers. We do a little bit of everything! And that includes glass canopies. 

We’re here to break down what glass canopies are and the benefits they can have for businesses of all sizes. 

What Are Glass Canopies?

Glass canopies are additional features to the exterior of a building. Typically placed outside an entrance for businesses, glass canopies are ideal for protecting customers from any weather such as rain. The canopy is the actual physical structure. Therefore, they do not have to be made of glass and can be made of other materials such as wood and aluminium.

However, surprise surprise, our choice would be custom glass solutions for canopies. There are a variety of benefits that these exterior design elements can offer primarily for commercial buildings. But, there’s nothing stopping homeowners from implementing canopies into their residential aesthetic. 

Great First Impression 

In commercial buildings, your customer’s first impression of you is key. If the front of your shop or business is run down and outdated, chances are customers may think that the business is not doing well and will most probably look elsewhere for services.

Instead, a glass canopy is a great and efficient way to update a commercial building’s look and offer a modern first impression. Glass canopies come in a variety of glass products and colours. If you’re based in the London area and want to stand out from your competition, make sure you find a reputable glass company to help you find the right glass elements. Find out more here. 

Modern and Sleek Aesthetic 

Though styles will change, a simple glass canopy is an ideal way to remain modern and sleek from the exterior. 

Glass is also a highly versatile product. Therefore, even if you find the simple glass panel to be a little drab, there are alternatives. Why not consider coloured glass? Or glass that features a texture? Or, even pairing the glass canopies with other elements such as wooden beams. You’ll find that glass canopies seemingly pair with anything and everything!

Little Maintenance

Although canopies can be made with other materials, there is no comparison between them and glass. Whereas materials such as wood and plastic may become dirty and deteriorate over time, glass is a highly durable and easy-to-maintain product. Especially if they utilise toughened glass, which is strengthened during the manufacturing process, glass elements are long-lasting and retain can retain their appearance and shape for a very long time. 

Some materials need frequent, intensive cleaning, but they inevitably lose their “fresh” appearance much sooner than you would like. Commercial glass canopies require only occasional cleaning with Windex to maintain them clear and clean, and that’s about all that needs to be done to keep them looking good and new.

Energy Efficiency

By lowering your energy costs, buying a commercial canopy can pay for itself. The most effective canopy will improve natural light and raise the effectiveness of your current heating and cooling equipment. You run the danger of restricting air distribution and circulation inside your structure without the proper glass storefront.

Your building’s external canopies will control how heat and wind may enter the building’s walls. Your company will consequently save a tonne of money on heating and cooling expenses.

Residential Homes 

However, it’s not just commercial buildings that can benefit from glass canopies. Canopies are ideal for outside seated areas, especially if there are sofas. Glass canopies not only let the natural light in, but they will also protect any furnishings during any periods of rain.

Much like commercial buildings, they offer a modern and sleek aesthetic for gardens and create a much-needed space for relaxation during all months of the year. 

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