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Glass Canopies and Roof Glazing

Here at Prentice, our glass London team offers a wide range of glass products, including the designing and installing of glass canopies and roofs. Our glass London specialists will cater to you and your home’s specific needs.

So, why settle for the typical? Glass roofs not only gives a building a contemporary design, but it also lets in natural light. Perfect during the summer. Find out more about the benefits of a glass roof here on our previous blog.  

And, let’s not forget glass canopies! These additional features are typically utilised for businesses looking to shelter their customers from severe weather conditions, whilst offering a sleek and modern exterior aesthetic.


We make sure double glazing is a part of our designing stage; so that UV rays will not damage your interiors and waste energy. We put all our clients first! Read more about how double glazing units can help stop damage to your home here from a team of glass London glaziers.

Check out our residential and commercial glass canopies and roof glazing projects here.

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