What Are the Misconceptions About Glass Floor Panels?

glass floor panels
Architecture is constantly changing and evolving, as homes get more extravagant and unique. Shows like Grand Designs opened our eyes to just what we could add to fully optimise living spaces. And this is where glass floor panels come in, as they can serve different functions. From practicality to aesthetically pleasing, glass floor panels are a modern design feature that stands out from other floorings.

Yet, there are some misconceptions about glass flooring. Many believe that if too many people walk over it, especially if it is placed in a busy setting, this can wear the panel down. But, what is the truth? Check out this list on how to dodge myths from the facts about glass panels.

Is it Safe to Walk on Glass Flooring?

The main question: is it safe to walk on a glass floor? Many visitable skyscrapers have glass observation decks, where tourists can walk on glass floors and stare straight down; for example at the Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand or even walking the Tower Bridge in London over the River Thames. But is this safe?

Short answer: yes. Glass floor panels are perfectly safe to walk on. Panels are designed with toughened glass, creating a barrier that is very difficult to smash. It has many layers so even if one layer does break, it is still secure. Work with glass floor specialists to ensure the right material is installed.

But what about privacy? The iconic Marilyn Monroe image from The Seven Year Itch left little to the imagination as her skirt blows up. Chances are many are too worried about people below seeing anything that shouldn’t be seen. Not a problem. Why not instead use translucent glass for the panels? This way you are still getting in natural light, adding sophistication to the space, but as the material isn’t opaque, you’ll just be a blur to any peeping toms.

Are Glass Floor Panels Durable?

Glass is a very versatile material, that is hard-wearing, easily maintainable and long-lasting. Therefore, it won’t need constant care the way other floorings need, such as carpets. If there are any mud or smudge marks on the panels, simply get warm water and a detergent spray and wipe the stains away. Also, by making sure the glass used is scratchproof, you won’t have to worry about any permanent marks on the panels.

Where Can They Be Used?

That’s the great thing about glass panels. They can be used anywhere! Glass is a very versatile product and because of its easy maintenance, it can be installed indoors and outdoors. With both settings offering different functions.

Typically, glass panels are used for commercial indoor buildings. It makes a space look just that little bit more elegant, for example in places such as restaurants or high-rise office complexes. But domestically, they can also serve another purpose. Having multiple glass floor panels can allow natural light to flow more into your home. Internal panels can be single glazing, but we recommend installing double-glazed as this will not only make it more secure, but it will be level with the rest of your flooring and avoid any trip hazards.

For outdoor flooring, it shares many of the same functions. However, it can be more incorporated into your landscaping. Man-made terrains such as decking and pavement can have glass panels installed in the feature. Both decking and the panel are waterproof and need little maintenance, so it really is a good combination for those wanting a little extra in their outdoor spaces. Why not add lights to create a calm aesthetic for nighttime relaxation?

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