What Are the New Trickle Vents Building Regulations

trickle vents building regulations

Part F is a building regulation that applies to all new construction projects in England, as well as those that result in the alteration or use of a house or any other building. It establishes ventilation requirements for new and existing structures. Hence, trickle vents.


Though it has been in place since 2010, over time, there have been key issues recognised and raised about residences failing to comply to trickle vents building regulations. That is why new government guidelines have changed what is now legally required in buildings when it comes to windows and their trickle vents. 


Find out more about the new trickle vents building regulations here and how it can affect your household. 


What Are Trickle Vents?

Trickle vents are adjustable vents that offer airflow at the top of a window or door. To allow the air to travel through, a small hole is routed out the top of a window or door frame, and trickle vents are clipped to the routed area. This will aid efficient airflow into the building, managing the ventilation that enters through the window.


Available in a variety of colours, trickle vents also add a finish to complement your window frames. 


The New Approved Document F – Volume 1


Updated on the 15th of June, the new building regulations concern the ventilation within dwellings and apply to all of England. There has been a focus on updating the old regulations, ensuring that there is a reduction in indoor and outdoor air pollution.   


The frequently asked questions document surrounding the contents of Document F highlights key features such as background ventilators installed through a wall instead of trickle vents in windows. 


Though some homeowners may feel like they do not need trickle vents, through these regulations, they are still required to have them installed in new builds. Having a document signed by the homeowner stating that they do not want any background ventilation will not be accepted and they would be actively disobeying the trickle vents building regulations. 


Noise and Air Pollution

There will be more toxins in the air that can be harmful to homeowners if there isn’t adequate ventilation. This includes pollutants from cooking, cleaning products, hygiene products, and fabric furnishings.  


It is crucial to use trickle vents to dilute pollutants generated within the home, but it is also important to remember that outdoor air quality has an impact on indoor air quality. Mould is also a big problem in homes that aren’t well ventilated.


Volume 1 of the Approved Document F discusses how trickle vent systems should be constructed to reduce the intake of external air pollutants by placing ventilation intakes away from the direct influence of local pollution sources. 


To limit the intrusion of outdoor air pollution, trickle vents should be installed on the less polluted side of the building. The document also suggests for those who have concerns about facing noisy environments install noise-attenuating background ventilators.


What Are the Trickle Vents Building Regulations?

In the following areas, trickle vents are required on windows and doors:

  • In newly constructed homes
  • In newly constructed extensions
  • Replacement windows and doors which currently have trickle ventilators


Background ventilation is required to provide a healthy interior atmosphere for the home’s occupants. A trickle vent’s principal goal is to replace stale indoor air with clean outdoor air. Trickle vents is an important part of maintaining a healthy living environment, as it prevents the build-up of a damp, heated environment that can cause health problems.


As trickle vents building regulations continue to evolve, it is important to ensure your home is meeting these legal standards. Here at Prentice, our glaziers are all accredited and keep updated on the new regulations, through affiliations with the Glass and Glazing Federation and the Glazing Arbitration Scheme.


Prentice Glass

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