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Security Glazing in London

Glass, which is used in doors and windows, can be strengthened and explicitly designed to take longer to break, either during production or subsequently. Security glass is made to specifically resist human attempts to attack a building. This could include whether the goal is to obtain entry, vandalise the building, or cause harm to the structure and its occupants. This toughened glass also can help during severe weather conditions, such as thunderstorms and torrential rain; which in the London area, is to be expected.  

Security glass often differs from safety glazing in that it is intended to withstand powerful explosions or direct blows for a brief period of time. All without making the actual glass shatter on impact. It is typically used for businesses that require protection for valuable items. 


From bullet resistance to blast resistance, our glass products can be altered to meet a specific criteria. Perfect for any commercial building requiring security glazing or safety glass. For more information on safety glass, read our previous blog here.


Why Use Security Glazing:

  • Protect valuable items
  • For commercial properties
  • Defence against vandalism
  • Defence against any explosives


Check out this short video on how strong our glass products can be and enquire with our glass London specialists today to see how we can help. 

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