What Are the Benefits of Glass Furniture?

benefits of glass furniture
As we start to improve our homes more, furniture is not just a functional item. It can be there to add or improve the aesthetic of a home. Or, highlight your own personality through the way you style your room. And that’s where glass furniture comes in. There are many benefits to why a person may want glass furniture featured in rooms such as living rooms or kitchens. As glass is a very versatile material, there are many options to choose from, including style, shape and colour.

So, you’re thinking about including glass furniture in your home? You wouldn’t be the first homeowner and at Prentice Glass, we are to help inform anyone thinking about hiring glass furniture services. Check out this helpful list of everything you need to know about glass furniture.


Wood is typically thought to be used for furniture. However, unlike glass, it can need frequent maintenance. Especially in summer. Whether this is outside or inside, wooden furniture can be affected by direct sunlight, causing it to discolour and lose its shine. Over time, the wood may also start to decay and become prone to cracking. However, with glass furniture, this is not the case.

Items, such as glass shelves or glass tables, can retain their form for many years. Glass will not deteriorate with changing weather and is easily maintained. You also do not have to worry about any food or drink stains. You don’t have to worry about getting the vinegar to deal with a red wine stain. With glass furniture, you simply just wipe any marks away. The only maintenance you need to provide is the occasional cleaning of any smudges or marks.


Glass furniture is also a great way to incorporate other elements into your aesthetic. Glass goes with anything; whether it is in its original form, or coloured. Why not have bronze or wooden legs on your glass table tops? Mixing and matching the materials can increase your overall look without it looking out of place. It also is a cost-effective way of making a room look modern, without having to include several pieces. The simplicity of glass furniture is a vital improvement to any home.

Environmental Friendliness

In addition, for those who are highly allergic to certain materials, glass is a perfect alternative. From dust and just the material itself, wood allergies could potentially stop someone from having furniture such as tables in their room. Yet, this problem is easily solved with glass furniture.
For outdoor spaces, or wooden tables located near fireplaces, there may be a concern for potential fire risks. Especially during summer when firepits and BBQs are more likely to occur. However, the inclusion of glass for such events releases any worry.

Prentice Glass

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