The Year of Glass: Why is Glass Important for Society?

year of glass
Move over Year of the Tiger, 2022 has claimed glass as its spirit animal. The United Nations (UN) has declared the following year the International Year of Glass, showing the material’s benefits as the planet makes more conscious decisions towards carbon-free and greener solutions. Glass plays a huge part in meeting sustainable development objectives and making the world more environmentally friendly.
At Prentice Glass, we offer a range of services that focuses on everything surrounding glass production and glass solutions for commercial and residential buildings. Every year is our year of glass, but we are working towards the ultimate worldwide goal by showcasing our skills and proving why glass is a vital part of every society. 
What Glass Offers Society

Glass has ranging versatility when it comes to how society needs and uses it. Made of raw materials found in nature, glass is elementary and uncomplicated, causing no vital damage to the environment. It is the only packaging material that is 100% recyclable and can be re-melted endlessly; constantly reincarnating and having infinite lives. It reduces waste and lowers the need to create original organic matter. Currently, the UK glass sector has a 76% recycling record, which is one of the highest of any material.

Glass has helped and continues to assist various industries from its inception. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, glass played its part and helped to deliver the vaccines to hospitals and centres across the globe. The strengthened glass has been transported and fully supported the vaccine, much like other medicines. 

United Nations 2030 Agenda

The International Year of Glass has points they specifically want to push for throughout 2022. This material has impacted practically everybody’s life at some point and has assisted in advancing civilisation through history. It has not only become a part of businesses and economic growth but also, as a piece of art. It is part of our culture in ways you might not even notice and the Year of Glass wants to showcase its positive versatility. The United Nations intends to organise international glass science and art festivals to inform and put on view the exciting history.

Though the recycling rate is a positive percentage, the United Nations are pushing to increase this to 90% by 2030. This agenda wants to show off what glass can do; however, it also intends to make more steps towards a greener planet, helping lower its carbon footprint with reusable resources and strive for more recyclable materials. And glass will help massively with this. 

Our Services

Here at Prentice Glass, we are a family-run and family-driven glass business, focused on finding specific solutions for commercial and residential glass production. Through 2022, we will aim to inform our audiences on how glass impacts our lives every day and how it can help our future.
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