What is Window Film?

what is window film

When it comes to your windows, it is important to ensure the right material is being used. Windows go through the trenches all year round; whether this is protection from harsh weather conditions or the damaging UV rays during the summer. And that’s where window film comes in.

But, what is window film? And what are the benefits it can have for your home? Find out more about window filming from our glass London company, Prentice.

What is Window Film?

Made out of a polyester film, window filming typically consists of Polyethylene Terephthalate, which is used to manufacture water bottles. The majority of films are placed on the inside surface of a glass window in every type of property, including homes, offices and even cars. To safeguard the window film, they have a scratch-resistant coating on the outside.   

There is a wide variety of window filming. Some are coloured with metals, dyes or pigments to limit the visible light transmitted through the glass and prevent heat from the sun. Others are clear and have numerous layers of PET to provide protection against shattering glass. Whatever your preferences and specific requirements, there is a window film that can benefit your home. 

How Does Window Filming Save Energy

Your current windows’ efficiency can be increased by up to 25% using window film. An uninsulated home is thought to lose about 35% of its heat via its walls and 25% through its roof. The remaining 40% is lost through your floor, windows and doors.

When window film is installed correctly, it ensures that there is a reduction of energy transfer from the outside. This will both reflect and absorb the sun’s radiant energy. 

In a way, window film functions as insulation, much like in your home’s walls or loft. Window film will assist in retaining any energy produced by our heating and cooling systems in addition to shielding your property from outside energy. For example, in the summer, the window film will ensure no outside heat enters through the glass and any cool air generated will remain within your property.

This way, homeowners can keep down energy costs, especially through the warmer months when more heat is required.  

Security and Protection

As a glass London company, we understand the importance window film can have on a home. Especially for those who live close to the city centre. With the number of cars on the road, without the correct materials, it can be hard to protect your peaceful home from noise pollution. 

Window film can also be a fashionable and simple solution to adding privacy to glass. Frostbite frosted film, when put in place, the glass instantly takes on the look of acid-etched or sandblasted glass, obstructing the view from both sides without reducing natural light. At Prentice, we stock safety and security films, bomb blast, anti-graffiti and glass manifestations. Find out more about our window film services here

Finding Glazing Companies Near Me

If you’ve decided that window film is right for your windows, next it’s time to schedule a private consultation with a professional team of glaziers. At our glass London company, we offer a free consultation to send you samples of window film to examine in more detail.

Our Glass London Company 

Here at Prentice, we are a professional team of glaziers in London that are here to help you with all your glass needs. With over 70 years of experience, our experts have designed and installed various installations, for both residential and commercial properties. Including providing window film to add protection and environmental control. For more information on our window filming services, click here

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