Why Should You Consider Profilit Glazing?

Profilit glazing

For around a decade, Pilkington Profilit glazing has made waves in the glass industry. Technical Glass Products are able to have versatile design features, due to profilit glass’ dynamic glazed surfaces. 

The first of its kind wave-shaped channel glass system produces unique design optics and translucent surfaces for exteriors, interiors, and object architecture.

So, let’s have a look at profilit glazing and its benefits for commercial glass London projects. 

What is Profilit Glazing?

Profilit glazing is an alkali cast glass in the shape of a U. It is translucent, can have patterned glass on the outside and can be used inside or outside. The durable glass product allows natural light to enter the premises, whilst still utilising a level of privacy in both residential and commercial buildings. 

When it comes to profilit glazing, there are various benefits that come with this level of glass products.

Resistant to Temperature

During the manufacturing process, Profilit glazing is toughened to ensure that the glass products are durable to heat temperatures. Especially in commercial buildings, there may be a risk of vast changes in temperature, such as in factories. This way, business owners do not have to worry about the glazing panes shattering due to a high temperature. 

At Prentice Glass, we have worked with a variety of local councils and have efficiently and effectively installed Proilit glazing in commercial and residential buildings of all sizes. For more information about our glass London company, click here. 

Durable Material

Glass is a strong material, that’s not anything new. However, as aforementioned, Profilit glazing has been strengthened during the manufacturing process so that it can withstand impacts and other damages. This makes them ideal in commercial buildings, where glass is needed to protect the interiors after the working day is over.

Also, they are perfect for residential buildings, such as flats and other shared accommodations. At Prentice Glass, we have installed Profilit glass products within hallways and corridors between apartments. This way, not only are you adding a level of protection and privacy from passersby in these spaces, but you are not diminishing the amount of natural light entering the premises.


But, you are not just limited to one design. There are a wide variety of different designs, including various textures, colours and dimensions. It all depends on your specific needs and requirements and the functionality of the space.

The System Assembly

Standard systems typically consist of Profilit channel glass panels arranged vertically or horizontally inside of a perimeter aluminium frame that uses a modular design. The end product is a double-glazing system with excellent performance, low framework, structural strength, light transmission, daylighting features, favourable U/G values, and the ability to be insulated.

It is also possible to create custom systems with complete design help from Prentice Glass that may include triple glazing, open “airflow” systems, staggered glass formations, and other features.

Prentice Glass

Here at Prentice Glass, we have over 70 years of experience in the glazing industry and are one of the oldest glass London companies still operating today. Our team of specialists cater to your individual needs on any project, no matter if it is residential or commercial. We utilise the latest technology and materials, including profilit glazing. Find out more about profilit glass here.

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