What is Glass Putty and How Do You Use It?

what is glass putty

Windows are a vital feature in all homes. They bring in that essential light and highlight each room. But how do you maintain them? They could last for a hundred years if properly preserved; using emergency glazing services. There are certain tools and equipment that you should be aware of to make all your glass-related projects simpler.

What is Glass Putty?

Glazing putty is required when placing a pane of glass into a wooden frame. It acts as a glue, working as an adhesive that bonds the glass to the wood and firmly holds it in place. It seals out the weather and will last decades if correctly used. It is important to make sure the putty is sealed all around the wooden pane, as any loose or missing parts can let rain leak into your home, or bring a draft in, needing future glass repair.

The putty, similar to the texture of clay, is a highly flexible material that can be contorted into the shape that is required. It is typically made by mixing a base of whiting (which is fine chalk) with linseed oil. But how do you apply it? It is important to make sure it is correctly used to avoid future problems. There are a few simple steps to make sure this does not happen.

Step 1 – Prepare

Firstly, make sure the material is ready to be used. You can buy glass putty that comes out of a tube, which is easier to use than out of a tub. However, if a tub is the only product available, make sure the putty is softened and is malleable. Mixing in more linseed oil can soften the glazing putty so it can be moulded into a thin tube.

Remember playdough? Moulding it with your hands for the desired shape. Well, glass putty is like the adult version of that. Roll it between your thumb and finger, creating a long roll similar to a tiny sausage. It should be thick enough to make a seal between your glass and frame.

Step 2 – Place

Before placing, make sure the glass is fully cleaned. Using the glazing putty, place the thin roll around the edges of your glass. Then, push the glass against your wooden frame, making sure it is firmly in place. Remove any excess with a knife and insert glass points around the outside, which will fix the glass.

Next, roll the putty into a golf-ball-sized shape, until it’s warm. Push these into the corners on the outside, squeezing them out from corner to corner. It will look like a mess, don’t worry! Once you’ve finished, shave off the excess with a knife to make it a smooth line. Allow up to 2 weeks before painting.

These are concise steps, however, for those who dread DIY, alternatives should be considered.

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