A Guide to Double Glazing Seals and Why You Should Replace Them?

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When it comes to energy efficiency in windows, nothing beats double glazing. Their lifespan is typically 20 years, yet this can be extended by another 10 years with proper care and upkeep. However, as with everything, age is a factor. So, the replacement of double-glazed units sometimes is necessary.

Check out this guide on when double glazing replacement is required and how you can spot the signs before it is too late.

What Can Cause Seal Damage?

Windows and other glass products have it tough, especially through severe weather conditions like torrential rain and heatwaves. Therefore, there are a handful of reasons why your double glazing seals can become damaged. But, the most typical is wear and tear due to ageing.

Variations in the size of the double-glazed units can result from ongoing degradation, particularly from temperature changes. The double-glazed units expand in heat and compress in the cold and these differences will cause the seal to become looser and weaker over time.

Abrasive products are a further reason why the seal is damaged. All homeowners may want to clean their windows with potent cleaning agents. These incredibly strong cleaning agents, however, will harm the seal. So although that smudge might be annoying, is it worth the damage it can cause? 

Signs You Should Replace Double-Glazed Units

So, when should you look for replacement double-glazed units? There are a few key indicators for when you should consider replacing double glazing in a property, both in residential and commercial buildings.

One of the biggest signs is the condensation between glass panes. Typically in cool seasons, the warm indoor air will collide with a cool surface (your window), resulting in condensation. And when this occurs in between panes, this can conclude in lowering the effectiveness and performance of the double-glazed units themselves. This can result in mould and window rot when too much moisture is around the glass products. When the double-glazed unit is properly sealed, condensation cannot develop in the space between the panes, so replacement double-glazed units should be considered for these situations.

Any glass chips or cracks can affect how well the double-glazed unit functions as a whole. For more information on glass chip repair, click here.

Also, are you feeling a draught in your home? Though this could be a structural issue with the frame itself, it could also be a sign that the double glazing seal has failed. As aforementioned, seals are prone to wear and will shrink over time. For this, you can visually check them for damage and feel where the draught is coming from. Make sure you hire a professional team of glaziers that can supply replacement double-glazed units.  

Repair or Replace?

For damage to double-glazed units that have a five or ten-year warranty, glaziers may consider repairing these glass products that are still in good condition. The units can be resealed after the seals have been removed if they have prematurely failed. However, this will not work if your units are argon-filled.

To counter this, a replacement for double-glazed units is advised. Even if the performance of the windows is temporarily improved, ongoing repairs can be expensive. Sometimes, the best solution is a full double glazing replacement. Especially when the seals have begun to fail.

Prentice Glass

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